The missing link between pick up and naturals

A lot of people get into the whole pick up and seduction field for one reason or another. Certain people begin searching what will give them edge over particular woman. Other are generally not satisfied with how women treat them. Third may have some sticking points in their game and so on.

Time passes and here we are with our guys learning new skills, trying to get over what was previously unknown. Those people follow their set of rules – very strict or loose (depending on the system they learn) and they gain rewards by it. Sometimes it goes very well, sometimes very slow. Nothing new under the sun.

Then they see something that shakes their foundations. A guy that is doing completely opposite of what they learned, they follow and live by. And yet he succeeds. Sometimes even better than they have. And it’s damn that this person didn’t put ANY effort, even close, to what those guys did.

This puts the big question – Why this happens? How it can be? Is this what they call ‘a natural’? He don’t seem any special, nor he does puts any specifics into action. He is unknown, thus any social proof factor is not relevant.

Does he do anything different?

Yes, he actually does, even without probably realizing it.

Unfortunately those guys don’t look where he got the most advantage. His body language.

He is relaxed, easy, in peace. When he moves – his body is in complete flow. No jerky movements.

“Ok man, we all know about this confident body language thing.” We all know but it’s unconscious thing. The moment you stop thinking about it – you go back into your default mode. And your default mode may hold mental images that bring tension to your body. You may have injury or distortion from lack of exercise or bad posture. This builds up and gives specific vibe to your body, vibe that is non attractive to women.

They, the women, pick it on subconscious level. Most of them probably don’t realize it, but what they realize for sure those certain sexual feelings towards particular man on the spot on the moment they see him. This body language tells a lot of things on an instant subconsciously – confidence, relaxation, sexual appeal, healthy offspring and so on.

Ok then, if we revert back to our default body posture, how can we override this?

A guy named Rob Brinded developed a system which retrains your body to work as it’s intended to do so by nature – as one. This gives that natural movement and feeling. Rob gives specific set of exercises that bring your body back in the natural form it’s designed to work in.

I’m coming from martial art background (and still am) and we do all kinds of trainings that should increase our efficiency. In martial arts one have to very, very relaxed and flexible and only apply force when it’s needed, no more. When I tried some of the exercises Rob talks about – I felt like I wasn’t doing any stretching at all – he just brings a whole new dimension on that! After few minutes of exercises you can feel your body, move more loosely and relaxed, and it feels good!

This have the potential to be the missing link between the naturals and the guys that try to learn this thing. When I look back in my experience, there was always guys who didn’t flirt very well, didn’t have that looks or body, didn’t knew any ‘attraction advice’ and yet women found them attractive over everyone else.

So go and checkout Rob’s site “Code of the Natural” – you’ll see his free videos and try out some nice exercises. Actually he’s just finished new program called “Turn Her On” that focuses on area on your body (your hips) which sends specifically sexual subconscious signals to the women. He is having limited time promotion right now for $47 (something like 50% discount). On the site has video that explains what it’s about.