The Insider Guide to Dating Chinese Girls

Dating Chinese Girls

Want to Discover the Insider Secrets to Dating Chinese Girls? You need a quick crash course in culture and psychology.

Before you think of dating Chinese girls, you must know that most Chinese girls’ psychology is impacted by two factors – one, the single-child policy in China, and, two, the feeling that men are superior to women in China. These factors combine to make many Chinese girls feel inferior. She feels she deserves a better treatment from the world, and especially from you. Keep this factor at the back of your head before approaching a Chinese girl. Now, here are a few tips that will help you in dating a Chinese girl:

Do not try the traditional dating tactics

Chinese girls are not fussy and often find an elaborate date consisting of a dinner, a movie and the goodnight kiss quite awkward and not suited to their culture. They’d rather fall a simple, informal and casual setup like meeting over a cup of coffee. She wants to feel relaxed in a more fun and casual place that’s very different from the conventional date setting.

Do not try and impress her with your accomplishments or try and hook her with fancy dialogues. Most likely, she’s experienced all the typical American moves and is looking for something that comes from the heart, something that’s genuine.

For her, less talk translates to more respect. Listen to her instead of jabbering away and be interested in what she’s saying. Get her to talk about her life and her interests and listen to her to figure her out.
This does not mean that you must play Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes. Go ahead and play a wee bit wicked if you like. Sparkle your conversation with witty and naughty one-liners, but do not cross the line. Pay attention to her looks and let her know how pretty she is – again, do not dole out too much praise. Chinese girls are intrigued by subtly naughty and flattering statements. It makes them want to discover more about your personality.

Dating a Chinese girl involves some amount of testing – that is, she will test you by throwing a few tricky questions your way. They want to see whether you are a strong and honest character, or do you give in and compromise your principles easily. Remember, you must project yourself as a strong, honest person if you want to score with Chinese girls.

Show them that you’re not easy and that other Chinese girls admire you as well. Dating other Chinese girls will make them see red. If they figure there’s Chinese competition in the fray, they will pay more attention to you. Chinese girls are close to their families. So, dating a Chinese girl may require you to make friends with her family. If you strike a chord with them, she will like you even more and feel more comfortable in your company.
Finally, do not use strong perfumes, be punctual, don’t question her why she’s late (if she is), and be a gentleman. Gift her with lilies – The Lily flower is a symbol of long lasting love in China. Don’t restrict the choice to coffee while rounding off the dinner – Chinese girls are not crazy about coffee.

So, well, Chinese girls are very alluring and loving and you must take the first step to try and date them. Dating a Chinese girl is an experience of its own and can leave you with a feeling of fulfilment, rather than that of being a conqueror.

It is no secret that not all Chinese girls are from China and as a man interested in dating Chinese girls, you need to realize that there are Chinese girls who were born and raised outside of China. There are Chinese girls that are in the United States, Britain, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South America, Australia, and even in Africa and many other places. Dating Chinese girls from these places would mean that you would also have to be sensitive to the culture and practices in these countries. You may discover that some of the Chinese girls may be more liberal in their thinking, more independent, and more vocal than Chinese girls elsewhere. These Chinese girls may love and adore you but also need their own space and time, so take this into account when you have a relationship with them. Not all Chinese girls are conservative and many are fun, intelligent, exciting companions and soul mates.

The key to dating Chinese girls is start communicating and be  interested first being trying to be too interesting.
Good luck.