The Female Signs of Attraction vs Men’s Signs of Attraction?

Typically when a man is interested in a woman it’s quite obvious. He will either talk to her or try make some sort of contact (except when he’s shy). If a man is not interested in a woman he will not make any effort to make contact or start a conversation.

Very simple

Women, on the other hand, are a indirect creatures. They will very rarely show their interest in a direct way. Most of the time they will give out signals with their behavior and body language. Those are the female signs of attraction.

There are few reasons for this happening. The most major one is – women are very sensitive to society’s view upon them. And the society usually takes a sexually aggressive woman for not very appropriate, thus it labels them as sluts. Women don’t want to be labeled as sluts.

Women are sensitive to societies more than men for a reason. For many years (tens of thousands) women gained protection by fitting in the group. This left some genetic imprint on today’s women too. As you might have observed – women generally are more prone to wonder what others think of them.

Let me give you an example between the two of us men and women:

A man interested in a girl from his work for example will most likely start some sort of conversation with the lady. If’s he’s confident enough he will even blast some jokes and tease her a little. Generally he will most likely try to engage her in some activity where both of them will be.

A woman for example, interested in a guy might just position herself near him for some reason (to fax something, use the nearest piece of machinery). Most likely if there are no other women around, she will flash few signals of attraction with the hope he will see them and take the initiative. She may also ask him some very indirect questions or mention something again hopping he will understand what she’s trying to hint and take the initiative.
As this is the typical behavior between both genders, keep in mind not all people will do the same thing. There are some very direct women who will openly show their interest in you and get your contacts. As well there are men who will do very indirect hints (maybe not so as women but still – for men).

Note: Keep in mind you can be very direct and appear as wussy and at the same time be quite subtle and appear very masculine. This however is topic for another post.

Sometimes we can misread those signs as our desire to be liked by particular lady might cloud our judgment. As this stands true, there are ways to learn the most common used female signs of attraction.
Here are two common situations and what women might do in them:

The setting of a bar or club – typically women interested in you will move close to you or position themselves in your direct line of view. Some more bold ones can even “accidentally” bump in you. If you start a little conversation a girl attracted in you will probably face your body with hers. If things go well and she is comfortable around you she might even touch you at some funny moment or other emotional peak.

In the bus you sit next to a girl. She looks at you with the corner of her eye for a brief moment.

Then she fixes her hair and begin swaying one of her legs lightly. You give her a quick glance and after you move your eyes elsewhere she will fix her hair again. Most likely she will not start the conversation and wait you to do it. Typically people in buses stay silent because of the invasion in personal space by strangers.

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