The 10 best dating tips

1. Enjoy the journey

When dating we become so excited about the end game.  We focus so much on doing all the things to make the other person our boyfriend/ girlfriend or even worse husband/ wife, we forget to enjoy the dating journey.  All the things that make learning and getting to know someone fun!  Don’t try and rush through the courting process, enjoy every minute of the ride.

2. Don’t overanalyze

Becoming obsessive about when they text you, why they did or didn’t and if they are going to ask you out  again will only drive you insane!  A serious dating tip is to take everything as it is, without complicating or overthinking things.

3. Be thankful

Not many people are good at dating.  Many people  get incredibly nervous about the process, so be grateful for their showing up in the first place.  Please and thank you go along way, especially if someone spent money on you.  No matter that you may never want to see them again, thank them for taking the time to see you now.

4. Shut up already

There is giant difference between listening and waiting to talk.  The best dating tip I can give you is to do the first.  Listen to your date, look them in the eye and don’t spend the time trying to talk over or answer back.

5. Focus on if you like them

Instead of obsessing over how much they may like you, which will only make you self conscious, focus on how much you do or do not like them.  Be honest with yourself, don’t think about the future outcome, but in that moment are you having fun with them?

6.  Dress to impress

You don’t have to look like sex goddess but you better not look like a serious school teacher either.  Dress your best and look sexy!  Also, shy away from the color black.  Click here to see what color should you wear?

7. Leave something to the imagination

Don’t go into the date ready to tell your life story, leave some conversation questions for the next date and give them a reason to want to see you again. Dating isn’t about exposing everything, it’s a tease, showing your self little by little.

8. Smile

Show those teeth!  Smiling  is one of the biggest turn on’s to both men and women.  Show how happy you are!

9. Don’t interview them

If your dates are like police interrogations, cool it!  You will only make your date nervous.  Ask light questions, like what they did over the weekend, not about their 5 year life and love plan

10. Have fun!

My top dating tip is that if it its’t fun why are you doing it?!  Dating is not a job interview have fun, laugh, play and flirt!