How to dress intelligently to attract men

You might have seen a woman to grab an attractive man within a short time and as a woman you might have wondered that what qualities are needed to catch a man’s attention. Even some women wonder how to attract men in a short time.

Well here is some news for all of you! It is true that some qualities may be what a man would like to see in his mate but the first and foremost quality basically down to the earth men search in a girl is how much she is attractive. Note that by “attractive”, it does not only mean being beautiful, but also the way you present yourself in an appealing manner and for that my friend you need to dress properly.

How to Dress To Attract Men:  

1) Be Sexy: Try to be sexy in your appearance. “Men are visual creatures” is a very old adage; try to exploit this feature of men.

A) A skirt or dress with belts: Small waists attract men. Skirts and belted dresses make the waist look thin. This dressing reflects the curviness of a woman’s body. Even you can try out dresses where the tummy is visible with the navel area.

B) A V-Neck Top: A nice revealing dress yet catching gentleness around the character. You can make it revealing upto your comfort.

C) Top revealing bra-strap: Wearing tops in a way showing bra straps is a nice way to make a man look towards you. You can use black bras preferably or plastic bras as well. White color won’t hurt either if you want to show a good girl nature.

2) Perfect outfit as per men: 

Don’t think too much about your outfit while going for a date or to catch the eyes of a man in someplace. A simple pair of apparels like a pair of shorts with a tank top tank and sandals is enough to trap the bird! That would do the magic.

3) Your legs are not insignificant:

Dressing does not only cover the upper parts of your body, wearing heels according to your legs, is part of the process. Men do not care about shoes; however as much as they don’t care about shoes, they care about high heels. Wearing high heels raise the buttocks in women so that they look enticing to men.

Not only that, high heels make the legs look sexier. But while choosing high heels, don’t overlook the comfort level of them. A man would not want to accompany a girl who wears heels which has impaling structure or who can’t walk well with the heels on.

4) Men don’t care about Fashion Trends:

If getting a man’s attention is your only aim, it will not matter whether you wear Prada boots or Denim’s new collection of jeans. As long as you look bewitching to the eye of men, any dress would go alone fine.

5) Umm, something red:

We all have an intuitive sense of color. “Red” is the color for hotness and using this color would definitely make a woman sexy. Use red lipsticks, if not possible red lip-gloss on your lips. Try to add the color red in your dresses if it makes sense. But be normal; don’t overuse the color or make its use unnatural.

6) Some don’ts:

Before these points, we have discussed all the dos in dressing. But you should be aware of the don’ts in dressing too. The dressing styles mentioned so far are favorable. However if they don’t suit your body, don’t hesitate to leave them.

A) If your thighs are heavy, avoid wearing tight jeans that are boot-cut or flared as they can make your thighs look hefty.

b) If your tummy is not plain and slim, avoid wearing tank tops or halter tops which show skin. Instead try using tunics, peasant tops or Tee shirts for casual look.

c) Don’t wear garments made for men which cover your body too much. That way, you can resist the view of men. Wear ladies-wear which can make you look the way a woman wants.

Dressing attractively does not guarantee you to get a hold of a hot man. You need to have some personal qualities as well. Like having confidence in yourself, being yourself, leaving high maintenance etc. Actually, these are common qualities a man or a woman should possess. If you can hone these qualities in yourself, no one can resist your charm and once you have mastered them, how to attract men becomes a child’s curiosity for you.