How To Ask Her Out

Coffee Date

So, you may have found a girl that you like on campus, and now, the thing to do is to taking the steps to ask her out.   But, there’s one problem.   You may be asking, «How the heck do I do that?»  Here are some tips on locking in that date, without making a fool of yourself.

Ask her out, for yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make is to ask the girl you like out on a date, through a mutual friend.   Although this may seem like the easy way out, and the least scary, since you wouldn’t risk getting rejected face-to-face, but we’re college students.   We’ve grown up, and we’re not in middle school anymore.   It’s probably time that you ask a girl out, yourself.   Part of growing up is taking risks.   She may say no, and that happens sometimes.   But as awkward and embarrassing as that may be, you need to ask her.

Depending on how low-key you want to make the date, asking over a text message, with a «we should get coffee sometime» may be ok, but that shouldn’t be your first method of choice.   Remember, you’re asking her out because you like her, and you potentially want her to be more than a friend.   Don’t give her the wrong message and make her think it’s just a «friend» date.   That’s a bad position to be in.   You don’t want the girl that you like, think of you as just a friend.

Simple is Best 

When you ask someone out, it’s so you can get to know that person better.   You don’t need to spend a lot of money at an extravagant fine dining restaurant for the first date.   Simple and casual are best.   Ask her out for coffee.   Coffee shops are perfect places for a low-key first date.   They are the perfect atmosphere for chatting without the pressure of the need to entertain the other person on the date.   If she doesn’t like coffee, then an ice cream shop, or any other dessert place works great as well.   Keep the date fun, cheap, and chill.

So, she’s said yes.   Or at least I hope so.  

Be a gentleman, pick her up, open doors for her, and expect to pay for her.   She may offer to split the check, because she may realize that you’re just as broke as she is, and that’s ok.   But maybe pay for her on the first date, anyways.

You’re first date is going to be painfully awkward.   But embrace it.   Ask her questions.   People love to talk about themselves, when you ask them questions.  But don’t just talk about yourself for conversation.   That may come across selfish and conceited.   You should be giving her the attention, instead of being an attention whore.   That’s very unattractive.

After the first date, see where that leads, and you may want to ask her out again.  Also, you may NOT want to ask her out again.