How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

You’ve met someone special online and you’re a perfect fit for each other, but you live far away from each other. Is it worth your time to start a long distance relationship? Can you learn how to make a long distance relationship work?

What if he’s your soul mate?

Any relationship can grow if you work at it. By applying some simple rules, your relationship can be successful and you can minimize some of the common long distance relationship problems.

Your relationship can grow from a distance, using phone calls, email, mail and video chat. You can build intimacy in this way by learning each other’s qualities, values and the way you think. You can learn their goals, dreams, sensitivities and aspirations. This can make your eventual real life relationship more special.

Having a relationship is complicated, and when that relationship is across a distance it can be more challenging. By following these long distance dating ideas you can learn how to make a long distance relationship work.

1.  The most important quality in a long distance relationship partners  is to both be able to share your feelings openly with each other. Be ready and able to share your relationship needs with your partner. Listen to his needs. Then you can both learn if you are able to meet each others needs.

2. Keep in touch daily.

This doesn’t need to be by phone, if excessive cell phone bills will be an issue. You can send emails, IM, letters, video chat, cards, texts or whatever way you can think of to communicate with each other. These don’t need to be a series of love notes. If you weren’t separated by distance you wouldn’t just have love talks, you would talk about the  things going on in your daily life. These types of talk will allow you to see each other’s goals, values and dreams as they play out in your daily life.

3. Make the relationship a priority.

It’s easy to miss a phone call or postpone a trip to see each other when life get’s hectic. If this relationship is important to you and you want to see it eventually become long-term you need to avoid putting things off.

4. Be flexible. Life happens. There will be times when you’re not able to talk or meet with each other. Don’t let your distance be a breeding ground for jealousy and paranoia. Being insecure and distrustful is the fastest way to lose your long distance love. Let him know how much you miss him. Let him know how much you want to see him. And trust that he feels that same way.

Over time your relationship will grow. The trust and love that you develop during this time will help build a fabulous relationship. You can learn how to make a long distance relationship work and eventually you’ll be deciding who’s going to be moving to a new city.

Wishing you success in life and love,

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