How P.U.M.A. Skills Can be Your Lifesaver in Dating Women

P.U.M.A. Skills by Brad Jackson may seem like an inferior pick up magic artist book littering the online world nowadays. But on closer inspection, you will soon realize that Pick Up Magic Artist (P.U.M.A.)  Skills is also a highly effective dating advice book that combines the benefits of magic tricks with the conventional wisdom of dating. Such a combination makes for a potent product that no man should miss if and when he wants to be The Good Catch in the ocean.

Yes, PUMA Skills also has plenty of magic tricks that can be used depending on the present situation, desired results and available time but it is more than the magic tricks. You also have many tips, suggestions and advice that can literally save your dying dating life in so many ways that will surprise you and your friends.
Think of P.U.M.A. Skills as more than the sum total of its parts, which include instructional videos and texts for your convenience.

You will also love it that this is truly a pick up magic artist book with none of the hype that surrounds other websites purporting to be so. You have the great advantage of hands-on, easy-to-follow but effective-with-the-ladies magic tricks taught in a step-by-step method.

If you think that magic is difficult as evidenced by the elaborate props of stage magicians, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by P.U.M.A. Skills.

How can a dating advice book be based on magic tricks, you may ask?

The secret is in the fact that magic and magicians have a certain undeniable sexual appeal for women. Just look at David Blaine, David Copperfield and Criss Angel dating hot women from supermodels to actresses and Playboy Bunnies, if you want proof of such an attraction. And to think that these magicians are not all that handsome in physical appearance either and you get the idea.

Magic tricks have a way of arousing a woman’s interest in the trick first and then in the man who makes the trick possible second. For example, to pass away the time while you and your group of male friends are waiting for your orders in a restaurant, you perform a simple match trick followed by a coin illusion. Your friends’ appreciation of these magic tricks will attract the attention of more than a few women in the nearby tables who may make the first move later.

You can then take the acquaintanceship to the next level. Again, P.U.M.A. Skills provides the tips for successful follow-up since this is a dating advice book, after all. You will be taught the ways to open and close a dating dialogue so that you can score a second date and more dates after it, if and when you want to.
This is one pick up magic artist book that you will want to hide from your family and friends mainly for selfish reasons.

Think about it: If you let your male friends read this dating advice book, you will have stiff competition in the future and that may not be too desirable for you either.

Then again, you should be more confident now that you have become a master at P.U.M.A. Skills that a little competition is nothing to be worried about but instead you see it as spice to a good game in the dating arena.
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